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Can dry eyes cause a runny nose?

I suffered dry eyes, but i have a runny nose in those days. Why? Can dry eyes cause a runny nose?
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  • Steve


    Dry eye syndrome is usually caused by a problem with the quality of the tear film that lubricates the eyes. It means that your eyes can not produce enough good quality tears. It may seem odd, but dry eye syndrome can cause watery eyes. This is because dryness on the eye’s surface sometimes will overstimulate production of the watery component of your tears as a protective mechanism. Runny nose occurs when nasal tissues and blood vessels produce excess fluid or mucous that runs out of your nose. When you are crying, the excess tears flow into two tiny drainage ducts in the corner of the eye by the nose, and those ducts lead to tiny canals that connect to the nasal passage and then cause runny nose. So I think that dry eyes may cause watery eyes and then cause runny nose. If you do not have watery eyes, your runny nose may caused by a cold, influenza, or allergies to things as dust.
  • Eric rupert


    Yes, dry eyes symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation and watering can cause a runny nose, which has been reported and besides dry eyes, people who have osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, asthma are also very likely to have a runny nose. So go to consult your doctor soon.
  • Jordyn carter


    Yes, your dry eyes will cause a runny nose because of the interlinked nerves between nose and eyes. Your dryness of the eyes may be caused by the eyes infection from the invisible bacterium. You need to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes. In addition, the home remedy like warm compress is also a good method.