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Are swim goggles necessary?

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  • Elijah


    Swimming goggles are an essential equipment for both competitive and recreational swimmers. We know that long time in the pool can result in great irritation to your eyes because of the cleaning chemical chlorine. A good pair of goggles can protect your eyes and provide you clear vision underwear, helping you swim safely. Therefore, it's quite necessary for you to choose a suitable goggles for you before swimming. If you wear glasses or contacts, you can choose prescription goggles. There are a variety of styles and colors of goggles, but high quality goggles will withstand the deteriorating properties of chlorine and the elements better than poor ones. Besides, a leading goggles should own the features of being able to stick momentarily, covering the eye, indicating good suction and fit, and a good quality goggle is one that fits the eye socket the best. Therefore, for a good comfortable pair swimming goggles, I recommend you the Speedo Sprint goggles, and they have adjustable nose pieces to fit your face. It will effectively protect your eyes while provide you comforts and safety.
  • Robert Lipman


    The answer is absolutely yes. It's really necessary for people to wear swim goggles for the sake of our eyes. The most essential reason is avoiding infections. There are some bacteria getting into your eyes and irritates the eyes while swimming, goggles is a useful way to prevent these from our eyes. The other reason is, while you swimming under water, this visibility can be one of the trouble. It is hard to see clear let alone the reflection of the sun off the water. Hence, it's necessary to wear goggles, which can block sunlight and can increase line of sight with a low profile so you can experience less resistance. Accordingly, you'd better wear swim goggles while swimming.
  • cmg6891


    Yes, the swim goggles are very necessary which could help you get rid of the infection from the bad water. Your eyes will be protected from the polluted water. The swim goggles could also be with prescription which could help people with short sighted problems have right vision. The swim goggles are very necessary for your eyes when you swim.

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