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Aaron lewis


Does false eyelashes make your eyelashes fall out?

Is there anyone who have experience of using false eyelashes? Is it possible to cause eyelashes fall out because of using false eyelashes?
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  • Sue


    I have used the false eyelashes. The result is so bad that the real eyelashes will fall out with the false ones because of the using glues which contain the chemical stimulated materials. You'd better use the false eyelashes little. If you have to use, you'd better keep notice of the hygiene which will not let your eyes get infection.
  • comingoutloud


    You know the false eyelashes would be used in short time when you go to parties, but it can not be used frequently especially in daily life. Of course it will fall out because of using false eyelashes. You know our physical body has a character that will exclude all foreign bodies in. And as for the false eyelashes, you must use glue to attach them, but the glue may absorb some virus into your eyes to make it get infection. The chemistry contents in the false eyelashes and the glue will hurt the follicle, to cause the drop of eyelashes.
  • chris R


    False eyelashes contain many chemical substances which are good to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. But they also do harmful to our eyes and eyelashes. If the one who uses false eyelashes in a long time, eyelashes may fall out due to chemical reflection. And eyelashes also may fall out by rubbing eyes violently. With time flies, eyelashes will loss because of poor growth ability. Plus, honey and ginger can help with eyelashes growing in a safe way.