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where to buy blue light blocking glasses?

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  • Luke oliver


    Most people couldn't last a day without electronic device, our eyes are impaired by blue light. Nowadays, most people pay much attention to it. So a lot of stores or online stores sell blue light blocking eyeglasses such as firmoo, ebay. Or you can find it at your local Wal-mart.
  • cowboyfrom666


    You can buy blue light blocking glasses at, where provide the blue light blocking glasses at a lower price. I bought a pair and started using them last night as soon as the sun went down. First of all I think it's hilarious wearing orange sunglasses around my house at night. It's kinda like being in another world when all the lights you look at are glowing orange like fire which makes sense because before artificial lighting fire was our only light source besides moonlight. When I got in bed and turned the lights off and put on my sleep mask it definitely had a strong effect on me. I didn't get to sleep any faster than usual but I'm still fine tuning my diet and dealing with possible digestive.