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Can moth dust cause blindness?

People say that moth dust can cause a person to go blind, really? Sounds terrible. Does anyone know about this?
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  • elisha


    well don't know because i have just got it in my eye plz help it stings
  • eagle_tester_3


    Yes, moth dust can cause a person to go blind because of the deadly bacterium inside which can cause the total damage of the eyes nerves. You should protect the eyes by avoiding such things. You should also have the good rest, healthy diet and hygiene habit of using eyes. Then you could protect your eyes carefully.
  • carolmck


    No, moth dust can't cause blindness, if you got the'dust'from their wings into your eyes, it would hurt you. The'dust'is just their wing scales flaking off. It's suggested that moth scales can be a potential allergen and eye irritant - though the scales are not toxic in themselves.
  • ray ray


    Yes, I'm currently writing this in Braille from putting the moth wing 'eyes' on my own.
  • Melanie


    There is no scientific evidence to prove that moth dust can cause blindness. Actually, the dust is just the scales of the moth. There are some poisonous chemicals in the scales of certain species but they will not cause permanent blindness. However, the dust may irritate your eyes. This case is easy to tackle with, for you can rinse your eyes with clean water and then flush the remaining dust out by using eye drops. Do not rub your eyes if the dust is in your eyes, for this may cause blindness. You should cleanse your eyes immediately. If you still feel uncomfortable despite of the cleansing, you must see your doctor for advice.
  • Andrea warren


    Yes. Moth dust will cause you to go blind in some certain, because it contains some bacteria which are harmful to your eyes. There is a powder in the moths, actually, it causes some poisonous chemicals which influences on our eyes nerves, even make our eyes go to blind. So, we should take care moth dust or stay away from it. In our daily life, we should look after our eyes through right life styles, including use eyes correctly, take exercises for eyes and so on. Best life.
  • Kelley


    Not really. This dust is actually their scales. They could cause some irritation. They could also contain some poisonous chemicals by some species. The idea that they could cause blindness by humans seems an urban legend, because there is no scientific evidence.
  • moon


    yes it can
  • Katelyn smith


    Well, yes, unfortunately, moth dust can just lead to eye blindness. So you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, according to some experts, a smashed up moth has chemicals on its wings, and if the dust got into your eye. Of course, it will just irritate your eyes, leading to eye irritation. At that moment, your eyes will have some symptoms such as red eyes, burning eyes. And also, if they are untreated, that might cause blindness. So just be careful about it.

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