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big john


Can cheese give you pink eye?

I love eating cheese so much, but recently I have heard that cheese can give me pink eye, really?
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  • coldshadow05


    Yes, chances are that you get pink eye for eating cheese. The cheese which is left over without proper preservation measurement will turn green and grow mold. There is a fume from the mold, and your eyes may be infected by the bacteria and fungus in the fume when the fume touches your eyes. As a result, you may suffer from bacterial infection which causes conjunctivitis.
  • Christian


    In some cases, in spite of the fact that they are quite rare, some bacteria found in cheese or dairy products can cause a severe eye infection. This is most common when the cheese is left out, and then it turns green with mold, which has a fume that will cause an irritation to the eye. If an eye becomes painful and red, you should consult your eye doctor as soon as possible to rule out more serious eye problems such as glaucoma or foreign body in the eyes.
  • Former Employee


    Usually eating cheese will not give you pink eyes, except the cheese is gone bad and is with some bacterium. Pink eyes are usually caused by the contagious infection or the coming invisible bacterium. Thus you'd better avoid the bacterium things. Once you get the pink eyes, you need to stay at home to treat the eyes carefully. At the same time, you need to use some eye drops or warm compress as the home remedy to help you release the symptom.


    Well, yes, cheese can lead to pink eyes, so you just need to be careful about it. As we know that pink eye is a kind of eye infection which is caused by bacteria, allergies, irritates. And according to some researches, bacteria found in cheese or dairy products can cause a severe eye infection. In that way, it will just cause pink eyes. And that is why some people who eat too much cheese get redness in their eyes. To treat your symptoms, of course, the first thing you should do is to give up eating cheeses. Also, you can have some eye drops to treat the redness in your eyes. Also, some tea bags can be used too.

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