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Shelby rodney


Do contacts work for presbyopia?

Are there certain contacts working for presbyopia? Does anybody know about this? If there are, I would love to buy a pair for my aunt.
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  • walkersville


    Well, yes, there are actually some certain contact lenses which can be used by patient with presbyopia. It is very normal for people who are aging to have presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes blurred near vision. And that can just be kind of annoying. In most cases, people with presbyopia need corrective lenses and basic reading glasses may be good. On the other hand, when someone also suffer from nearsightedness, bifocals may be necessary. Bifocal contact lenses which are similar to bifocal eyeglasses have two prescriptive powers for distance and near vision. By the way, eye strain, headache and fatigue are common symptoms of presbyopia.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Yes, there are certain contacts working for presbyopia. You could buy one from both the real store of the eyeglasses and the online stores. If you buy one from the online store, you could save a lot of money. About the quality, they are almost similar. You could buy one from the amazon or ebay which may offer you a lot of choices.
  • Former Employee


    Yes, of course. Apart from reading glasses, you can also choose multifocal contact lenses which can provide perfect vision both in near and far distance. There are also soft and hard contact lenses for you to choose from. There are also daily wear and extended or overnight wear contact lenses.
  • Hunter jackson


    Yes, multifocal contact lenses can actually work. As our body functioning deteriorates with ages, our vision changes dramatically. The most typical symptom must be presbyopia, which makes us difficult to focus on a near object. So, the humanized design of some multifocal contact lenses of two different lens powers, I mean, one for the distance vision and the other for near can really help. Besides, progressive eyeglass lenses whose lens power has a gradual change from distance to closeup are also suitable for you. There are two sorts accessibly, soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. In general, along with concentric bifocal pattern, alternating and simultaneous image make the multifocal contact lens more available to you.