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What to do when your eye won't stop twitching?

My eyes twitches and i can't control it? What shall i do now?
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  • maria calderin


    Most eye twitching is caused by eye strain. When the muscles in your eyes get intense for a long time, they spontaneously try to relax by spasms. Also, you may have uncontrollable eye spasms when you are under stress. When a person is under stress, his or her body runs in overdrive. So do your eyes. Lastly, dry eyes also trigger eye twitching. Therefore, you need sufficient rest and sound sleep to relax your eye muscles. Also, you should stay in a good moon. Lastly, you should relieve the dryness in eyes if you have dry eyes.
  • Caleb murphy


    Well, generally speaking, eye twitching can just occur in daily life, and many people will suffer from it, so you do not need to worry about it too much. And in common, eye twitching can be a sign of eye infection. For your situation, you should drop some eye drops in your eyes, and then you can just take some measures to find out the direct infection cause. Also, maybe just have some ice cubes under your eyes, and then it will be effective.


    Usually the eye twitches are caused by the eyes infection because of the coming invisible bacterium. If you can not control it, you could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. The eye drops should be better with the anti-inflammation role. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture.
  • Jackson raphael


    Usually, eye twitches will go away quickly but in rare cases it can last for weeks. There are many causes of eye twitches, so you need to detect the underlying cause of your own. Stress, alcohol, tiredness and some other eye conditions can lead to eye twitches. I have been experienced twitching eye before, not for once, there is no way for you to control it when it gets started. The twitching go away in minutes and nothing bad happened after. I think you will be ok too. Botox injections can help to stop the muscle contractions if your twitching eye won’t stop. Some people got eye twitches because of wearing the incorrect contact lens. So the causes are various. I suggest you to visit your doctor if the condition doesn’t go away. Don’t worry, eye twitches is a very common eye condition among people.

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