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Eugenia W.


Why do i get recurring eye infections?

I once suffered from eye infection. But it was be cured. However, i got eye infection again right now. Why? Why do i get recurring eye infection?
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  • Isabelle duncan


    The contagious invisible bacterium may let you have the eye infection again. You should not ignore it. You need to protect the eyes carefully. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture your eyes and make your eyes get comfortable. After that, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. That is the very good home remedy which you could have a try.
  • Allison walker


    Well, I have to say that it is kind of normal to have recurring eye infection. Eye infections occur when harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses invade any part of the eyeball or surrounding area. And when eye infection occurs, some symptoms will be possible too. For example, your eyes will be red, itchy, swelling. And sometimes, light sensitivity will just bother you too. And of course by trying some ways, eye infection can be cured. But on the other hand, if your eyes are infected by some objects again, eye infection will occur again. So just be careful about it.


    Firstly, there are many reasons can cause eye infection, including, bacterial, viral or fungal agents. In addition, all parts of your eyes also will make your eyes infected. So, once one part of your eyes is affected, your eyes will be infected. What's more, if you wear contact lens, it is easier to get eye infection. As a result, although you was cured, you still can get infected. To avoid this situation again, you can follow the following advices. First, wash your hand often and carefully. Second, do not share personal stuff, such as contact lens, make up, towels, eye medicine, etc. Third, wear goggles when stay in harsh environments. Forth, tell your eye doctor when your eyes is uncomfortable.
  • Julio G.


    There are many reasons for your recurrent eye infection. Do you rub your eyes whenever you feel tired? If so, your eye infection may be attributed to the rubbing which is the main cause of the recurrent infection. You should get rid of this habit, or the infection will come back after you solve the problem this time. If you often use your eyes improperly, such as reading in a dim light and holding the book or newspaper too close to your eyes, your eye infection will also reoccur. In addition, you should also make sure whether you need glasses because of refractive error. Systemic antibiotics are not needed. Cleansing your eyes and keeping them clean all the time will work. You can also use antibiotic eye ointment before you sleep. By doing this, your eyes will recover in several days. If not, ask your doctor for help.

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