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What are the benefits of putting cucumber on your eyes?

I know that putting cucumber on your eyes can help people look great. But i don't understant how can cucumber help the eyes? What can i benefit from cucumber?
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  • Robert Lipman


    Yes, we can benefit a lot from putting cucumber on the eyes. The cucumber slice can help you address the retention of fluid so as to reduce puffiness. So, cucnmber is very popular among people to reduce redness and swelling eyes. Besides, applying cucumber are also anti-inflammatory to the skin. They can also help people with dark circles. So, if you suffered red, puffy or dark circle eyes, you can apply yourslf cucumber slice everyday.
  • Colleen


    Cucumber is a very worldwode edible fruit. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Also, they are the most popular Beauty Products. You can cut cucumber into slice to use as a mask to tighten your skin. Besides, they have amazing effects to reduce puffy and swelling eyes. Also, dark eye circles can be relieved by cucumber slices. And they are convenient and easy to help your eyes. You can put cucumber slice directly on your closed eyes to releive some eye problems.

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