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What reading glasses strength do i need?

In recently, i feel difficult to do some near vison tasks. My friend said that i need reading glasses. I plan to order a pair online. But i have no idea What reading glasses strength do i need? Do you have any sugeestion?
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  • wesley


    Since you are new to buy reading glasses and have no idea about yout strength of eyes, you shall take an exam so as to know what stregthen you need to correct your vision. Only the properly prescription reading glasses can correct your vision. So, don't wear reading glasses randomly. Take an eye test and buy prescription reading glasses for vision aids.
  • exxxtazzzy


    Well, it is really difficult to know what strength you need without eye examination. So, you can just got to see an eye doc and get an eye test so that to get prescription. The prescription incude your strength for eyeglasses as well as your PD. Then, you can order prescription reading glasses from online. So, get your eyes check out, it will be helpful for you to buy eyeglasses.
  • Victor Lee


    You should get your prescription from an eye doctor. Prescription is the key factor of glasses. It includes your vision strength, astigmia, AX and PD. Wrong prescription will bring harm to your vision and make you read difficultly.
  • Rebecca


    If you decide to buy a pair of reading glasses online, firstly, you need to have an eye exam and got your prescription from your eye doctor. Prescription is a must for you to order eyeglasses online. Hope this helpful.
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