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What are the best polarized sunglasses?

My friends always recommend me to buy polairzed sunglasses. And i plan to buy a pair. But i want to know what are the best polarized sunglasses? Any idea?
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  • eiri_des


    The best polarzied sunglasses are not only protect the eyes from UV rays, and glares, but also help people look fashionable and attractive. So, when you pick up polarized sunglasses, you shall consider their utilitarian and aesthetic needs. Personally, you can try Oakley GasCan Iridium polarized sunglasses. The sunglasses are coool and can provide wearers anti glare protection and high visibility at all angles. Besides, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. I have own a pair. You can have try,too.
  • Catherine williams


    Yes, polarized sunglasses are more protective than common sunglasses. They have an incredible ability to cut glare and prevent UV rays. And the best polarized sunglasses shall have polarizer film that sandwiched between two layers of glass. And when it refers to buy polarized sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses are recommended. For me, Oakley Fives Squared polarized sunglasses are the best for me for bothe protection and handsome look.