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How long does blurred vision last after a concussion ?

I got a concussion by accident, Now, i feel dizzy and blurred vision. Is it serious? How long does blurred vision last after a concussion ? shall i go to see a doctor?
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  • Alexia charles


    It depend on how servere you hurt in the concussion. For some slight concussion, you can go over blurred vision after several minutes. But for some serious concussion, it may cause blurred vision about several days even several months. Right now, you shall stand up straight and then slowly bend over and grab your ankles. Maybe it help you feel better. Anyway, you'd better consult an eye doctor and check your eyes and head if there any badly damages. Good luck.
  • california_lovv


    I am so sorry to heard that. From your descritpion, it seems you have had a head injury and now have double vision. It sounds a bad damages. To make sure if you got any damages for muscles or nerves supplying that move the eys or swelling in the eyes, you'd better call 911 can get an check by an doctor. Hope you will be OK.

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