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What's a good cure for pink eye?

I get pink eye. My eyes are red itching and watering. Can you tell me how to cure my pink eye?
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  • Marissa


    I think you should see an eye doctor first, because some kinds of pink eye are highly contagious but some are not. If you got the contagious pink eye, you should apply medicines to treat your symptoms because they will not recover on its own and they will infect others.
  • walkersville


    You can put a piece of ice on your closed eyes. I think the coolness will make you feel a little better. And you'd better stay at home until your symptoms totally disappear. If you got the non-contagious kind of pink eye, it will go over on its own. Don't rub your eyes with hands. You can apply some artificial tears to relieve your irritated eyes.
  • Zoe Wang


    I highly suggest you to go to the doctor because different types of pink eye has different treatment. Bacterial and viral pink eye are contagious, but allergic pink eye is not. It can be hard to tell which type you are suffering from, but allergic pink eye usually goes away quickly on its own, or when the irritating agent is removed and the eyes are rinsed out.
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