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How to improve your eyesight by not wearing glasses or contacts?

I got mild myopia. I want to improve my eyesight. But I don't want to wear prescription glasses. Can you tell me any ways to improve eyesight?
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  • Kally


    Find a pencil, and mark it somewhere in the middle
    Hold the pencil in front of your face, at arm's length
    Focus your eyes on the mark you drew on the pencil
    Slowly move the pencil toward your face, maintaining your focus on the same spot
    Stop when you see two pencils
    Look away for a few seconds, or close your eyes
    Look back at the pencil
    Slowly move the pencil away from your face
    Repeat the exercise
  • Victor Lee


    I find some related sites and I hope they can help you.
  • Brandon evelyn


    You can search on the internet to find some eye exercise to help with your eyesight. But if they ask you to take part in and give money, don't follow that. I suggest you to walk outside to enjoy the nature. The trees and green grass are the best methods for eyes exercise. Usually our vision problems are caused by long time focus our eyes in the same distance.
  • charming_qtee


    If you have enough time, you can stay outside as long as you can. Stop watching TV and playing computer games are good for protecting our eyesight. Besides, you can keep a balanced diet. You can eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits that rich in vitamins. They are good for our eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, there are several ways to inprove your eyesight instead of wearing eyewear such as eat some food that is helpful for improve your vision, take eye excise and have a rest while working for a long time. Moreover, it is said that seeing more green trees or grass is much helpful.
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