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Does your eyesight get better with age?

My father told me that his eyesight gets better with his age. Now he can see the things in the distance clearly. But he can't see the thing nearby clearly. What's wrong? Does our eyesight really get better with age?
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  • Caitlin owen


    Usually, our eyesight will get worse when we get older. Your father may get presbyopia. That is a kind of vision problem that often happens among older people. I think you’d better take your father to a hospital and have his eyes checked by an eye doctor. Maybe he will need a pair of reading glasses.
  • walker_


    I think the new born babies have the best eyesight as long as they are not born with some eye disease. Later our eyesight will be infected by many factors such as age, trauma, UV light, etc. Generally speaking, our vision problems will become worse and worse. But if we take care of our eyes and keep enough nutrients for our eyes. our eyesight can remains unchanged for a period.