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May Yong


Is it okay to put contacts in visine?

I knocked over my contacts box. I don't have lotion anymore. Can I put my contacts in visine?
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  • elbcoastboy


    Dear friend, I think you can't put your contacts in visine. If it is not too late, you'd better buy a new bottle of lotion to contain your contacts in a nearby drug store or markets. I think the chemical elements in the visine will have chemical reaction with your contacts and further affect the function of the contacts.
  • Paige williams


    My friend just put the contacts in the water for one night. But next day, he found that the contacts make his eyes burning. I think maybe the water can't replace the lotion for contacts. So I also think that visine can't replace the lotion for contacts too. But I think if you have some artificial tears at hand, you can put your contacts in the artificial tears for one night and then buy the lotion for your contacts next day.
  • Rebecca


    Absolutely not. Contacts and Visine should never mix. Either wear your glasses until you get new lenses, or hit up a 24 hour pharmacy for some new multipurpose solution.
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