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How to get rid of eye twitch spasm?

My eyes are twitching again. What's wrong with my eyes? I have slept for more than 8 hours yesterday. But the twitching doesn't stop. Help!!!
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  • Moises Corkidi


    This really worked for me! Drink Tonic water 3 times a day. Here's my story.

    I've been having eye twitching for 4 months, everyday my left eye has been twitching. I have seen several ophthalmologist and I even went to see a neurologist. After trying various eye drops and even taking some muscle relaxants, nothing was working. I went to see this one ophthalmologist and he recommended me to drink Tonic Water because of the Quinine in it. At first I was skeptical because I don't believe in home remedies. But after everything else had failed, I gave it a chance and within 3 days my twitching had gotten a lot better. Within 2 weeks I got pretty much twitch free. Every now and then I feel a little twitch so I have a Tonic Water and it helps. I typically drink it with a little lemon. Hope it helps you all as it helped me.
  • David garcia


    Dear friend, don't worry. What caused your twitching eye? If you can find the causes, maybe you can solve your problem. There are many possible causes for twitching eyes. Stress, alcohol or caffeine, dry eye, tiredness, eye strain, nutritional imbalances, allergies can cause eye twitching. Are you avoiding all of these factors?
  • Theron


    Usually, the symptom will go away on its own. If your eye twitching persists, you should see your eye doctor for thorough diagnosis and then apply appropriate medicines. Although Botox Injection can cure some types of twitches successfully, because it can stop muscle contractions. But I do not suggest you to have a try.