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How to relieve eye fatigue caused by your computer screen

I have to work in front of computer for almost 11 hours every day. My eyes are very tired and dry. Can you tell me how to relieve eye fatigue caused by computer screens?
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  • walgru


    Dear friend, I can tell you few ways to relieve eye fatigue caused by computer screens. First, you can apply artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs for several times a day. Artificial tears are quite safe. They will not bring side effects to our eyes. Second, you can relax your body and eyes for several minutes in each hour. You can walk around and look at the distance or look at something green.
  • Alexa


    Wearing a pair of computer glasses is a good way to relieve eye fatigue caused by computer screens. I am suffering from the same symptom as you are. The distance between computer screen and our eyes are a little special. computer glasses are designed to adjust to this distance, so they will make our eyes feel more comfortable than other glasses. And the computer glasses can prevent reflections and glare of computer screen. This can further protect our eyes.

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