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What are cute haircuts for girls with glasses?

I plan to get new haircut. I am a girl with eyeglasses. So, can you tell me what are the cute haircuts to me? Any suggestion?
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  • Isabelle


    Ok, I can see that you are a girl with glasses and you want to change your hair style. Anyway, there are lots of cute haircuts available for you, which could be compatible with your glasses. I advise you to get your hair up and tie it up. And you could try some cat eye glasses for ladies, which are very sexy and awesome. For example, pink cat eye glasses could make you quite charming with that hair style.
  • Caitlin owen


    LOL, it is funny because I am just like you who is a girl with glasses, so I think I have the right to answer your question. I will recommend you two kinds of hair style, that is to say, if you have long hair, I think you can make your hair curly, and you can make the length to your uber, which will make you look very cute and beautiful. What's more, when you have this hair style with your glasses, you will give other people a feeling that you are more smart and cute. In addition, if your hair is not so long and your face is round, you can have a try with the cute blunt bob, which is very trendy these years. Although I told you two kinds of hair style, I still suggest you should go to the salon to ask the pro to design the best style for you and your glasses. Good luck.
  • leigh sehr


    In my opinion, the Bobo short hair style may be suitable for the girls who want to show the cute style. With the eyeglasses, you will look cute with the style of the short hair. You could also cut the hair to the side above the ears which will look a little sports style. You'd better choose the big frame eyeglasses which show the cute character.

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