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Jack taylor


Is it normal to get swollen eyes after work out?

After work out, my eyes are swelling. Is this normal? Why?
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  • chrisera21


    It is not normal. Your swollen eyes may be caused by the high pressure at the eye nerves. You may focus all yourself on the work in front of the computers. You should use some eye drops to release your symptom. You could also have the good rest for the eyes. Then you will find that your swollen eyes will get released.
  • edward


    It's always happen for those people have swelling around eyes after a hard workout. And it may last for several hours or even days. Doctor may tell you that you have an allergic reaction, while, some people do not think so. Actually, there are many reasons cause eye swelling, and the treatments are various. For I know that keeping your head elevated will reduce the swelling around your eyes, if that can not help, you'd better visit a doctor.
  • rakshith


    Dude, i have the same condition, my eyes freaking swell everytime I workout. It sucks I don't know how to great it.

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