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Can eye drops be used in the ear?

Can i use my eye drop medications on my EAR for ear problems like ear infections? Why or why not?
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  • warren


    Yeah, you can use the eye drop medications on the ear when your ear drops are finished and the eye drops are used for a temporary time. Although eye drops have more serious requirements than ear drops, the strict eye drops of solvent is generally water while the ear drops own more ethanol and glycerin. They have both the role of eliminating the bacterium. Thus, you can do this.
  • handsomestudgw


    As a matter of fact, despite the fact that ears and nose are closely connected and they are both head organs. However, eye drops are designed to relieve some uncomfortable feelings of our eyes. They basically cannot do anything about your ear infection. My advice for you is to head directly to a hospital and find out what happened to your ears before it is too late. Anyway, the eye drop cannot cure ear problems.
  • harris


    In a certain degree, it can be said, eye drop medications can be used for ear problems like ear infections.It could be explained, the chemical drugs are made of the exact composition according to a certain proportional allocation. In general, the requirements of the eye drop medications are higher than others. So, you can use the eye drop medications instead. But, you'd better not do that. After all ,the eyes and ears are different to the needs of the drugs.
  • Sig


    No. i strongly recommend you not use your eye drops to your ear problems. Since the eye drop medications are not made the same as ear drop medications. It may can't cure your ear problems otherwise lose your eye drops. Besides. eye drops usually more expensive than ear drops. So, why not choose eye drops to instead of ear drops?