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Logan hall


Can smoking weed cause dry eyes?

My dad always says his eyes are dry. And my mother always complains that he smokes too much that cause dry eyes. Is that true? Can smoking weed cause dry eyes?
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  • emiliaenespanol


    Yes, it is true. Smoking weed can cause the dry eyes. As we know, when you smoke the weed, your nerves in the whole body will be excited by the stimulating smoke. When you smoke weed, you will get easily the eye conjunctival congestion and appear red eye symptoms. However, the red eyes is the most obvious symptom after smoking weed. This is the most typical physical signs. And other physiological symptoms are vasodilation, rapid heartbeat, dry throat, little strengthen. It may also appear nausea, vomiting and headaches. However, you should suggest your dad not smoke weed often which may cause the eyes dry and let him get red eyes.
  • Caitlin lee


    It is not academic proved that smoking causes dry eyes. But if you already suffer dry eyes, smoking will make it worse. Almost every people will suffer dry eyes because people often get tired. But most will recover in one or two days. Long term dry eyes are symptom of chronic conjunctivitis. Chronic conjunctivitis can be aroused by bacterial infection or foreign stimulations. It happens to a lot of people. To release the symptom, people shall learn to protect their eyes. Avoid asthenopia. Get rid of smoking and alcohol. Eat more vegetables and fruits instead of spicy food. On the other hand, a certain proportion of people will get conjunctival concretion as they do not treat their eyes well even when they have chronic conjunctivitis or dry eyes. Harmful substance in cigarette brings chemical stimulation to human eyes and frog of cigarette will take the water in human eyes. If people keep smoking when his eyes are dry, it will aggravate his problem. So, try to persuade your father give up smoking. Otherwise his dry eyes may be worse.
  • Robert murphy


    Yes, to a certain extent, it can be said so. However, this kind of view that smoke weed cause dry eyes has some limitations, overall it is not scientific. Dry eyes also can be said "eye conjunctival xerosis", it is not a single disease, but by several different causes. Now social computers, air conditioning and contact lenses are widely used, making the incidence of dry eyes rise sharply. In addition, environmental factors, including smoke, ultraviolet, air pollution, high temperature, air conditioning and the dry climate can increase the tear evaporation, causing dry eyes. So, smoking can be divided into this category.
  • Patricia


    There is no evidence to show that smoking weed will cause dry eyes. But the truth is that smoking is bad for our healthy. Since smoking can hurt our liver. And if there are problems about out liver, it will appear on our eyes. So, you'd better not smoking, especially for when you feel dry eyes.
  • eddy


    Yes, of course. The irritating effects of cigarette smoke can cause your eyes to become red, dry and scratchy. Moreover, smoke can easily worsen their dry eye condition by exposure to these irritants, even among second-hand smokers, particularly for contact lens wearers. As we all know that tobacco smoke is composed of over 4000 different chemicals including formaldehyde and acetone known as nail polish remover. Many of these chemicals are toxic with either short or long-term exposure. Several of these toxins are aggravating to the eye, not to mention poisonous to eye tissue. Moreover, smokers are said to be twice as likely to report complaints of dry eye symptoms as non-smokers!

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