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Vanessa edward


Can I smoke weed after prk surgery?

I just took a prk surgery. Can i smoke weed now? Will it slow down the heal of my eyes?
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  • walkersville


    No, you can't smoke weed now which may slow down the heal of the eyes. PRK uses a kind of work material of fluorinated argon (ArF) of gas laser, with the wavelength of 193nm. Its characters are corneal penetrating power and small thermal effect. It have the effect of accumulating the removing corneal tissue. The cutting surface is very slick, a small amount of corneal superficial tissue. In order to change the corneal surface, curvature, abate or enhance refractive power, this surgery will correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. After the surgery, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes. Keeping a good and healthy diet will be such an important thing for the recovery after the prk surgery. And the weed irritating materials will stimulate the eyes badly. Thus, you'd better not smoke.
  • Kimberly quick


    No. You'd better not smoke weed after prk surgery. In fact, any types of smoke are not recommend. Smoking not only damage your eyes, or at least slow down the heal of your eyes after prk surgery. So, If you want to recover soon from the surgery. You'd better quit smoking. Good luck.
  • Luke shelley


    No, smoking weed will make your eyes worse. And even can lead to many eye diseases. First, you should know that after the PRK surgery, your eyes will become more and more sensitive. So at this moment, you should pay more attention to your eyes. Definitely, smoking weed can be harmful for your eyes' health. for example, your eyes can be infected easily. In some cases, it will also lead to some eyes diseases, such as pink eyes and watery eyes. And, that will slow down the healing progress. Maybe you can put cucumbers on your eyes and do not smoke weed.
  • handril


    After a prk surgery, you'll be able to see the clear world, maybe it really can make you excited, but you had better not ignore postoperative nursing and you should pay attention to the following matters. You cannot eat spicy and alcoholic excitant food, such as hot pot, barbecue food, litchi, oranges, crucian carp, shrimp, etc. In particular, you should make yourself sure that it cannot be allowed to smoke and drink. In general, smoking can stimulate your eyes seriously. It not only can slow down the heal of your eyes, but also can bring a lot of trouble.

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