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J Bell


How to tell the difference between pink eye and broken blood vessel?

Can you tell me the difference between pink eye and broken blood vessel? How to judge the causes of blood vessel in the eyes?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Although the symptom of pink eyes and broken blood vessel is the red eyes, there are still the differences. Commonly known pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, also called outbreak. It is an acute infectious ophthalmia according to different causes, divided into bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. It often happens all the year round in spring season. The pink eyes can be infected through contact with eye disease, such as contacting patients with the same towel or using the tap water of swimming pool. It is infectious. However the broken blood vessel can be seen clearly through the red blood in the eyes which can be observed easily. This is usually caused by the use of eyes in a long time before the computers. Just have a good rest for the eyes and have the healthy and insipid diet will let you get recovery in a week.
  • Caleb murphy


    well if the pus keeps coming out and you have crust on your lashes in the morning, then i guess it is pink eye. Also if it doesn't go away and pus keeps coming out its pink eye, you need to see a doctor for a prescription or it wont go away and pink eye is very contagious.
  • Allison walker


    Yes, they are different. Pink eyes make people's eyes appear red because of infection in your eyes. They are serious and need to take some medication measure to cure it. Broken blood vessel also makes eyes appear red. But it just hurt by outside force. And if it is not seriously, the eyes can cure itself several days.
  • cook


    Yes, pink eye and broken blood vessel are completely different though they look the same. If you have pink eye, you will feel there is some sand in the eyes, and then you always want to rub the eyes. However, broken blood vessel will be different. If your nail run into the eyes accidentally, you will develop into like that. Usually, if the eyes blood vessels are broken, maybe it will accompany with inflammation, then easy to eye injury. If you pay attention to eye health, and try some good ophthalmic, your eyes will be certain good as before.
  • Alexa murphy


    A broken blood vessel in the white of the eye, also called a subconjunctival hemorrhage, may look painful, though the bright red area does not cause damage to the eye. The condition does not typically require treatment and will heal on its own over a week or so. However, if the red area bulges or causes pain and changes to vision, you should contact an eye doctor. A broken blood vessel may happen spontaneously, without a known cause, but understanding some of the known reasons for the condition may help prevent broken blood vessels in the eye. Pink eye, scientifically known as "conjunctivitis" may cause some unpleasantness, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. It is a membrane that is red in color, located in the inner part of the eyelids, and when pink eye occurs, it gets covered with fluid. There are various small organisms like fungus, viruses, bacteria, and other toxic agents, to which the reddish membrane reacts. These tend to be more common in children, but it is possible for people of all ages to be affected by pink eye.

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