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Adam peters


How much do contact lenses cost at boots ?

Is there anyone who has bought contact lenses at Boots? How much will they charge? Are they good? Any idea?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    The average price of contact lenses at Boots is around $ 60. However, there are many other types with special material or higher water content. But their price is a little high. Whatever type of contact lenses you choose at Boots, it is good at the quality. It is worthy to buy.
  • Logan hall


    I can't answer you since i don't know what type of contact lenses you need. And it also need to know your prescription etc. Besides, if you have insurance, you shouldn't cost you anything. You can pay for it with your insurances. Anyway, contact lenses usually are not expensive just less than $100 for a box of contact lenses. So if you want it, go head and find it at their websites:
  • walkingfetus


    From my personal experience, Boots is a good place to look for vision aids, you can easily find loads and loads of contact lenses of different types at a cheap price. Basically, a pair of contact lenses will cost you about 50 to 100 dollars. As to the quality, I should say, that depends, you have to choose carefully and be cautious. Boots and Vision works are both good options for you.