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Isabelle garcia


Can a smartphone really perform eye exam?

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  • hall


    Getting an eye exam typically involves big complicated machines. Recently, the eye doctors are trying to get the big and complicated out of the equation by using smartphones and tablets instead. That way, they figure, eye exams can be done just about anywhere. There is a off-the-shelf free app called Visual Fields Easy which can screen our eyes. The app was very good at identifying people with moderate to severe disease, less so at screening out people with normal vision.
  • Jake


    Due to traditional exam equipment is immobile and very expensive, people in remote rural areas of third world countries rarely receive eye exams or eye care. A smartphone app called peek is provided in third world countries. Using a smartphone and an external clip-on device, Peek can check for cataracts, perform simple vision tests and scan the retina for disease, allowing conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy to be diagnosed.
  • Neil


    Eye exams can be performed with your Smartphone with Peek Vision.The clip-on mobile adapter helps identify eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma, by creating high quality images of the back of the eye and the retina. This groundbreaking technology allows doctors to proceed with proper diagnosis and treatment.The device also assists in detecting diabetes, malaria, meningitis, among other diseases and conditions that may cause brain edema and impair vision. The adapter is predicted to be compatible with most smartphones, including Apple, HTC, and Sony-so long the mobile device is not equipped with protruding camera optics.
  • test


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  • micheal andrews


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