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Daniel christian


How much you would like to pay for a pair of sunglasses?

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  • Shavonda D


    Personally, I will buy a pair of sunglasses not branded sunglasses under $50. If the pair is branded, maybe I will spend more such as $130 for it.
  • cook


    To tell the truth, the price completely depends on what kind of quality you buy, I have more interest in the quality of the glasses, I believe that the higher is the price the better is the quality.nowadays I surprised found that I can buy the same quality of glasses online store but the price is more cheaper than they sold in the local store. i only paid about $150 for mine, but they still have a reasonable quality.that's amazing.
  • ellochkablecy


    It sounds funny,all customer demand cheap goods, the best is free, ha-ha, as far as i know, there are some online glasses stores have a policy is that if you are the first time to buy glasses on their site, you can get a pair of free glasses. I'm lucky to get a pair of free glasses on long time ago. And I think I would like to pay for under $200 for a pair of sunglasses.
  • Olavi


    I just want to say the cheaper the better, I am not a rich girl, because I have a very low income, but I am crazy about sunglasses. In fact, I have several pairs of sunglasses, but they are all sold under $ i can accept about $150 for them.
  • Christopher giles


    I would never spend much money on sunglasses, personally, I wouldn't spend more than$100,because of sunglasses are really just to protect my eyes in bright light, if you are sure you will wear them frequently, you had better buy the expensive ones, after all, eye healthy is very very important.

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