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Jackson rose


How reasonable were the price of progressives?

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  • Sue


    Regarding to your question, I think the reasonable is relatively. To some people, $500 is reasonable. However, to others $1000 is also reasonable. aS to me ,I think a pair of progressives priced under $120 is relatively reasonable. If you had shopped around for the identical lenses and frame, you may have found them less than $150 or more than $100. If you got top of the line HD lenses and a premium anti reflection coating, the price may be justified along with an over priced designer frame. BUT , if they gave you a middle of the road progressive lens with a mediocre AR coating, then they are probably too expensive. We have no clue what you have.
  • bell


    Personally I think the progressives priced at below $100 is reasonable. You can find so may pairs at Hope this helpful.
  • Tianna


    If you ask me,under $500, I will be willing to have a try. quality is the primary consideration. because I often weaing them on weekdays.
  • Rain


    I personally won't pay more than $200 for them, i also think about $200 is a reasonable price, I bought a pair from, and they are excellent. Highly recommend.