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what is digital progressive lenses?

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  • Johnny W.


    Digital (High-Definition) progressive lenses also known as free-from progressive lenses. It has taken progressive lenses to a new level. Compared with the traditional progressives which are produced using pr-emolded designs, where the same design is used for every application. The Digital prgressive lenses are fully customized. In essence, your specific applications (Rx, frame type, lens material, use, etc) are taken into account to produce a lens with wider fields of view and smoother vision. For those who want the widest fields of view with a budget to suit, the new Digital (HD) technology is an improvement.
  • Drunk


    The lenses called digital progressive lenses just because a lens is made digitally does not automatically mean it is better than progressive with standard progressives, digital lenses have more options for lens colors and sizes, in a small number of cases, digital surfacing can create stronger prescriptions than standard progressives in highly curved wraparound frames. In many cases, there is no difference between progressive lenses and digital progressive lenses.