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Jonathan griffin


What are computer progressives?

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  • clur_08


    Computer progressives is very a kind of bifocal eyewear. However, they would only be used for computer work. Computer progressives have the mid range power at the top instead of the normal distance correction , then the reading ( keyboard distance ) at the bottom. It is meant to give you a much wider, usable area for the monitor distance than what just the intermediate area of a regular progressive can give you.
  • Tyler charles


    Well, the computer progressives is a no line bifocal which gives you the opportunity to have distance at the top, a computer distance in the middle and a reading area on the bottom.They may have called them a computer progressive because you have the mid-range(or computer distance) in the middle. I have not heard of it called a "computer progressive" before though.
  • fergus


    Computer progressive lenses, also known as office lenses or near variable focus lenses, are designed for use in an office and are intended to provide clear vision at around 16 inches to 6 feet. Computer progressive lenses are great for people needing clear vision at intermediate and near distances such as painters, artists, dentists, librarians, hair dressers, mechanics, draftsmen, and editors. If you use a computer more than 4 hours per day, these lenses are ideal and help alleviate visual fatigue, or computer vision syndrome. These lenses also allow for better posture, making it easier to hold your head in a more natural position. Computer progressive lenses generally range in price from $150-250.