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How many pixels does human eye have?

Do you know how many pixels does human eye have? I just want to know.
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  • handwithlighter


    LOL, this question really very funny and professional. According to the eye experts, usually, there are about five million cone receptors on each of our eyes. Nevertheless, you can not say how many pixels does our eye have, because we all know that pixels are a cameras way of converting a light image into a digital photograph, our eyes are different with the cameras. Now maybe you will ask me why our eyes can help us see clearly outside. Yeah, just now, I told you there are many cone receptors on our eyes, which will take the light from outside and focus the light onto the retina, then the nerves in our brain will take this image and works, at last, we can see clearly outside.
  • copyofme


    It's hard to say because different people have different number of pixels, but it's been reported that the number most postulated is 576 megapixels. While, some people think that it's wrong sense of calculation of human eye preception because human eyes is different from camera, and our eyes get the picture through eye nerves and nerves of the brain. The picture of our eyes get is created through the entity system, which is completely different from camera.
  • exxxtazzzy


    It's really an interesting question, and I'm wiling to help you figure it out. As a matter of fact, human eye normally have 576 millions pixels or so. Any camera compared with our eyes just like a small sorcerer in the presence of a great one. The latest research shows that ordinary eyes have 5 millions pyramidal acinar cells, which is used for feeling the visual color. It seems our eyes just same as a camera with 5 millions pixels. However, there are one hundred million rod-shaped cells in the eye. Hence, the color sensitivity of normal human vision is rarely surpassed even by sophisticated technical devices. As long as the distance of two separate string is not less than 0.6 radian in a good light, our eyes can take them out. By the way, scientific study shows that there are different pixels with different sex normally.
  • duncan


    Well it is really a tough question to answer to. After all there are still so many secrets waiting for researchers to discover. According to some material so far, it is not the same measurement of human eyes as cameras or screens. Resolution of digital appliances is measured in pixels, while human eye is different. In human eyes, there are 5 millions of cone cells, which are sensitive for colors. We can put it in this way that the 5 millions of cones are equal to 5 million of pixels of resolution. But it is far undervalued of our eyes. We know that there are rod cells in our eyes, sensitive for contrast of light and active in dim environment. There are totally 1 million of rods in human eyes, which determined the sharpness and fineness of the picture we saw. We could say that there are maximum 17000 point sources per inch of common person, while, for a good digital camera with a resolution of 2160*1440, there are 400 resolution per inch for a 4*5 printed picture taken by it. The best camera in the world can't be compared with human eyes. If we need to express the pixels of resolution of human eyes, some researchers claimed that it should be 500 million pixels. Recommend you the following article to know more.