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How to get intense eyes?

What can I do to get intense eyes?
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  • Jordyn carter


    It is really a good idea to get intense eyes if you want to have a nice look. First off all, you shall wash your face and eyes. And then, use some Moisturizing products and then apply some foundation make-up to your face. Then, you can star make up your eyes. To get a intense eyes, proper eyebrow were required. Use your brow powder to draw a proper eyebrow according to your face shape. Also, to achieve intense eyes, you are suggested to wear colored contact lenses. Usually, browns look really nice. Then, apply eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow properly. Hope this can help you.
  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Dear friend, do you mean you want to high light your eyes? If you mean that, I can tell you that you can get intense eyes by makeup. You can choose the smokey eyes to make your eyes more outstanding. If you don't like smokey eyes, you can choose another way to high light your eyes. You can choose different color to paint your skins above your eyes. You can use dark brown liner make your eyes look bigger and gleaming. Or you can wear colored contacts to make your eyes more beautiful. Hope this can help.