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What are the best glasses for people with wide faces?

I have a wide face. Can you give me some suggestion on choosing suitable glasses? Thanks
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  • Dip


    The only principle of eyeglasses choosing for those girls with wide face is that avoid wearing the glasses with strong contour profile. Because that would strengthen your lineament. You need to choose glasses with curve frame, it will make your lineament seems more soft. Fine frame can make you more elegant and intellectuality. However, I still suggest you wear contact lenses.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Wide faces have the distinctive features of wide jaw line and wide forehead which requires not in the least small and wide glasses frames to fit in. In the selection of glasses for wide faces, the elements of size, thickness and color are strongly recommended to be considered. In term of size, it is commonly wise to choose over-sized or at least medium-sized glasses frames, in a way to be more proportional to the wide face shape. As to the thickness, the thicker the glasses frames, the better they match the face. That is to say, large and thick glasses such as the prevailing cat-eye glasses and over-sized aviator glasses are very nice ones for people with wide faces. And largely what the complexion of the face is determines which color suite the face more.
  • smith


    Now some nea ways to help you chose ideal eyeglasses. The first thing you must do is to determine your face sizein the minoor. Broadly, face and frame size should be in scale, in agreement. That is, a large face should a large pair of glasses, while small face needs small glasses. Next, determine which frame colors to consider because you may hot or warm. round glasses make your eyes much longer and thinner. So wide, square frames, low bridge, and depth from top to bottom make your face appear more balanced and shorter. Plus, cat shape lenses are suitable for narrow forehead with wider cheeks and chin.