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What eye color do albino people have?

My sister was diagnosed with albino yesterday, and the doctor also reminded me that her eye color may get changed, does anyone know that what color will my sister have?
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  • Erin


    Albinos of all species will lead to pink eyes generally among humans and animals. Besides, rest of them have either blue eyes, or reddish eyes. In some very special cases of albinism, their eyes color might appear brownish. It is worth mentioning, if your sister suffers the 'pseudo albino', she will have blue eyes. Furthermore, the color changes not because the colored part of their eye, called irises, is red or appears other colors. It's because their iris has little or no pigments. As a result, the blood vessels on the retina should show through the iris representing pink or red.
  • Caroline hill


    Well, first, you should know that albinism is a group of genetic conditions which can just lead to a lack of pigment. And when it occurs, it will have effects on eyes and skin. And in common, some researches have shown that most types of albinism are inherited when an individual receives the albinism gene from parents. And generally speaking, people with albinism have blue or slate gray eyes. Of course, some people with greater amounts of pigment may have green or hazel, red eyes, for the eye of the person with albinism has an iris which does not block out light. So it can be annoying to have it.
  • Brittany green


    Albinism is a condition that can causes a lack of pigment. So, people who suffered from albino may get eye color changed. And since they lack of enough pigment in the iris that will block the light and thus make the eye color abnormal. Usually, people with albino have light blue, brown or even red eye color.