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Can lyme disease cause dry eye?

I have got lyme disease for days, and I seem to get dry eyes as well recently. Do you guys know if lyme disease has anything to do with dry eyes?
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  • Robert murphy


    well, yes, lyme disease can just lead to serious problems, not only to your other part of your body, but also, it can just have effects on your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as eye floaters, watery eyes, even dry eyes. So you need to be more careful about it. As we know that lyme disease is caused by spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borrelia. And when it occurs, some symtoms, such as fever, fatigue, high pressure, heart problems can just be related to it. And because of high pressure, and nerve system problems, tear system can just get problems too. Because of that, of course, dry eye, which is related to tear system, can just occur. For your condition, having some medical treatments is essential.
  • Jacob adams


    No, lyme disease won't cause dry eyes. lyme disease is a kind of infection disease on skin. They won't affect on our eyes. If you suffer dry eyes, it may caused by other factors such as tired eyes, eyelid problems and after lasik eye surgery. To cure lyme disease, you shall consult a doctor for better treated. As for dry eyes, you can keep your eyes moist with eye drops. Besides, blink your eyes now and then can also help keep moist eyes. Hope this can help you!
  • Faith cook


    Lyme disease surly has something to do with dry eyes. Lyme disease has impact on many parts of human body, such as lung, bladder and heart etc. The lyme disease can also affect eyes. People suffering from lyme disease tend to experience pain caused by inflammation (optic neuritis, uveitis and sclerotic), sensitivity to light, conjunctivitis, drooping eyelids, blurred vision, swelling around the eyes and eye dryness. To get rid of the eye dryness caused by lyme disease, the treatment for lyme disease is quite necessary. Several kinds of antibiotics like doxycycline are effective in treating lyme disease. Besides, the treatment that aims at dry eye should not be ignored. Your doctor may prescribe artificial tears to you to moisten your eyes. In addition, you should avoid being exposed to certain environment that is windy or smoky. When you are out, it is better for you to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.