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What causes crossed eyes in babies?

Do you guys know that in most cases, what will cause crossed eyes in babies?
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  • crush_star


    It is very easy for little babies to get eye crossed when they are very small, like 3months old. They are too small that vision system is not fully developed. But when they are 7-8 month old, their vision system development can effectively prevent the crossing eyes. During this period, babies can move their eyes to see what is moving. If babies still have crossed eyes when they come to 7-8 months old, you should take it seriously. Take the babies to hospital for further examination as soon as possible. Usually adjusting the balance of muscles which support rotating eyes could help with crossed eyes. Further more, it is much easier for little kids to correct their crossing eyes. Patching or special glasses could be very helpful. Good luck.
  • elpropio


    Crossed eyes is a condition that people's eyes appear to be misaligned or align in different directions, and it quite common in many newborn babies. Usually this results from the weakness of the muscles in one or both eyes. Because they are young and develop insufficient control of their eye muscles to move their eyes together. Besides, there are many other different causes for crossed eyes of babies, such as family history of crossed eyes or untreated farsightedness. Therefore, parents should be aware that if your baby have crossed eyes, you can patching or covering the better-seeing eye to improve the weak one.