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Albert Clamm


Are transistion glasses/shades possible with one way darkened view?

Is it possible to have transition sunglasses, while in dark areas see clearly as you normally would with transition, but still have a black finish from a viewers side?

I am curious if its possible to look like sunglasses all the time, even if the shades are clear rather then darkened. Like one way dark shades? if this makes sense to anyone. :)

Or even have just clear glasses, but appear black from viewer side even if not transition? What are the technical terms for this madness if any? I would like to find some if they exist, or have some custom made if possible!

So I can see through them like glasses at times while others cant see my eyes at all no matter what the lighting is!

Thank you for your time. :)
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  • Michael?anderson


    No, transition glasses won't always look like sunglasses all the time unless you always stay in sun. The reason why the transition lenses turn dark is UV rays in the sunshine. If you stay indoors or somewhere without UV rays, the glasses lenses just stay clear as the same as your regular prescription eyeglasses. Nevertheless, the transition glasses can protect your eyes from intensive sunshine and UV rays. Personally, it is worthy to have one pair especially in summer.

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