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How to cure headache after strabismus surgery?

After take an strabismus surgery, i feel headache. Is this normal or temporary? How can i treat it?
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  • Matthew


    Squint equals to amblyopia, which means the diminished vision in one eye or the other. In most cases, the squint is resulted from imbalance of the muscles controlling movement of eyes. There are six muscles there working together to control it. So normally squint surgery is to adjust the muscles and gain the balance and alignment. Most people experienced blurry or double vision after the squint surgery. It is very common and temporary. Every time you move your eyeball you might fell headache and the pulling sensation, but it is not severe and it won't last long. The headache would go away after several days. Don't worry too much. You could get some pain medication over the counter. Have a good rest and don’t take any heavy activities within weeks.
  • Sara nelson


    Strabismus surgery does result in some complicating diseases, such as headache and red eyes, and they are medically temporary and normal.You don't have to worry too much about it and just relax and have a good rest. But considering health, you can visit the doctor, take some medicine to relief headache and obey the doctor's advices. Besides you'd better not eat the spicy food that may stimulate nerves and result in headache.
  • Larry S


    Mostly the headache after taking an strabismus surgery is temporary. The headache is some pulling sensation with eye movement and foreign body sensation. To treat it,you need to prevent infection and reduce inflammation, you may go to see the doctor and take some medicines. Besides headache, strabismus causes discomfort in vision and double vision.