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Alexia gerard


What make eyesight get worse faster?

What is the reason for eyesight getting worse?What makes eyesight get worse faster and how do I prevent them from getting worse?
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  • Daniel gerard


    It may be caused by many factors. Long time of close-up work is one of the acknowledged factors concluded by many ophthalmologist according to their experience. Specialists advice us pay much attention to your diet, do more exersises, avoid long time reading and spend less time in front of computer, take many breaks during eyes working to look at the distance place or massage on the eyes.
  • Catherine lewis


    It can be caused by many factors,such as overusing eyes,poor diet or some eye disease.To avoid it getting worse faster,you should pay more care to your eyes.Doing eye exercise regularly and keeping nutritious diets will be good to your eyes.
  • Ariana oliver


    If you do too much excessive close work, like sitting too close to TV or computer or siiting in a wrong way, your vision will get worse. If you have get myopia, then you should wear glasses or contacts to prevent your vision getting even worse because overusing your eyes will make your eyes feel tired. To prevent your eyes getting worse, you should keep away from TV or computer with a proper distance and don't overuse your eyes.
  • Kelley


    When your eyes are in strain for a long time and can't get enough rest,then they will get worse.Eye disease can also cause eyesight worsening rapidly such as cataract. To protect your eyes,you should form a good habit of using eyes.
  • alfred curmi


    kindly answer the question for me, Thanbk you