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Andrea lester


Why does my eyesight get worse every year?

I am a 15-year old and have been worn glasses since 6 years old.I have this question cuz I play less video-games or computers than other kids do. But my vision still keep getting worse over the year.Why does this happen?
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  • walgru


    Did you spend much time on reading? Long time of close-up working is one of the important factor to cause vision worse. Specialists advice us pay attention to our diet, do more excersises, avoid too much time on the computer or reading , have a rest and blick your eyes frequently to look at the far places and massage on your eyes. This is more efective for teenagers.


    Maybe iit is genetic reason that make your eyesight get worse. But I don't know the exact reason why your eyesight keeping getting worse. You should go to your eye doctor to have a check.Then the doctor will give you some suggestions on how to prevent eyesight getting even worse.
  • Justin


    Some genetic factor may cause your vision get worse.You'd better have an eye exam every half a year as your eyesight keep worsening.

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