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Why does the eyesight never get better?

Why can't the sight get better natually ?If you have to wear glasses,you need them all life.It is really annoying.
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  • Brandon evelyn


    The eyesight will never get better naturally, only when you get older, the prescription for nearsightedness would be counterbalanced by the prescription for nearsightedness, that is to say, the power would be lower. Why not do the lasik surgery so that you don't have to wear glasses all life? It is commonly used and quite safe.
  • Ethan


    Eyesight rarely get better natually. As we get older, the eyesight is changing just like our body. so it is diffficult to get back to its original shape. To the eye muscles, it is also difficult to get back to the correct shape to focus, so we need glasses all the time to help me see things clearly.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Simply speaking,it is just like our body.As we grow up,we can't go back to our original look.
  • griffin


    If you don't want to wear glasses,you can have lasik surgery to make your eyesight as good as it can be.

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