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Should I get Mono vision contacts Or bifocal glasses?

I wear one contact for distance and another to read/computer;You may feel strange,but my brain did it! However when I try to wear my 'regular 'bifocal glasses, I get horrible headaches. Can a doctor prescribe glasses like my contacts for me?
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  • kathy


    It is possible to prescribe glasses like your contacts, but you don't need bifocal glasses but single vision glasses with one side for distance, the other side for reading/ computer. The prescription on each lens is quite different according to your eyesight.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Bifocals are used to see far and near.So you can wear bifocals to see distant objects and to read.But you'd better not use them for computer which has the intermediate distance.So you can ask the doctor to prescrible a pair of glasses for computer. It takes time to get used to bifocals, so it is normal to get headache at the beginning.You'll get used to them soon. According to your condition, I think you shoul get bifocal glasses but not for computer use.
  • walkyr


    For your case,you have different prescriptions in your both eyes.Actually you don't need bifocals,single vision glasses are enough for you.You just need to have your eyes examined and get the prescription.The doctor will prescribed that kind of glasses for you.

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