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How long will it take to get used to bifocal prescrition glasses?

i just got my bifocal glasses but I am having a headache now.Is it normal or do I need some time to get used to them?How long does it usually take?
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  • eminentpraise


    It is normal to have headache cuz your eyes are adjusting to get used to them.Generally it may take one week to get used.If the headache is acute,you need to visit your doctor.
  • elizabethandzoe


    It is normal that someone need some time to get used to bifocals for the different focus of the view. Usually the adaptation period for bifocals takes 10 days. If you have not become comfortable with your bifocal lenses within 10 days, return to your eye doctor for a re-evaluation.
  • Kristy


    It will take you many days to get used to bifocal prescription glasses. At the beginning, it is normal to get headache while wearing bifocals. So you should wear them for a short time and then increase the amount of time day by day so that you can get used to them very soon.But when you wear bifocals, you should be careful when you go up and down stairs.

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