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J Bell


Does vitamin e help eyelashes grow?

Can taking more vitamin e help the growth of eyelashes? How can vitamin e affect on eyes?
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  • Erin


    Vitamin E is a vital factor for the health of our eyes. It can keep our eye round skin smooth, help people remain good eyesight, and help the growth of eyelashes. Pasting vitamin E liquid on eyelashes every morning and night can make your eyelashes grow very fast. Eyelashes just like our hair, they need nutrition as well, if you invest vitamin E on them, they can surprise you few months later.
  • bell


    For my experience, taking more Vitamin E can help eyelashes growth longer. And Vitamin E not only can help the growth of eyelashes, but also have great benefits for eyes: 1. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps eyes against harmful radicals. 2. Scientists found that eating more food which contains abundant Vitamin E can prevent age-related eye disease. 3. it's also said that Vitamin E may help prevent cataracts. 4. Nyctalopia will not occur on you if you are not lack of vitamin E.
  • Kyle kirk


    Yes, taking more vitamin e can help the growth of eyelashes. It is said by some experts that vitamin E is a good treatment for lengthening lashes as well as strengthening and thickening eyelashes. Even if you rub vitamin E oil into your eyelids and onto your eyelashes at bedtime will promote your normal lash growth. Foods like hazelnuts, kale, spinach, sunflower seeds, safflower oil, are rich in vitamin E.
  • Julie Galactique


    I used to support my eyelashes with vitamin E. But with age, I needed a many-sided support for them. My choice for now is Cherish Lash serum and it's really something incredible. I think every woman deserves such a care about her appearance.

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