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What can cause chronic dry eyes?

Do you guys know the reasons that people usually get chronic dry eyes? Any home remedies?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Dry eyes, is a condition that the eyes can't product enough tears to moist them. There are many factors that can cause dry eyes include environment, aging as well as some eye problems like blockage of tear ducts etc. And dry eyes can be treated differently by their causes. Usually, most of people treat dry eyes by using artificial tears to keep their eyes moist.
  • Colleen


    Dry eyes are caused by lacking of tears. And there are many factors that can affect people to generate natural tears such as aging, blockage of tear ducts, medication etc. Also, do much reading can also cause dry eyes. Besides, Tears evaporate rapidly can also cause dry eyes. To prevent it, you shall drink plenty of water, reduce the time that stay in windy and dry weather, and take frequent breaks and blink if you watching TV or seeing computer. Hope this can help you.