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greg t


How to fix titanium glasses frames ?

Do you guys know what I should do if I want to fix my titanium glasses frames? Is it hard to do so?
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  • Kyle


    titanium glasses frames are very durable, strong and light weight. It is really difficult to broken it if you just wear them in daily life. Since they don't get broken, why you repair it? If you think the eyeglasses frame out of shape or somewhat damages after long time wearing, you can try to adjust it so as to make the frame better fit. First, you shall clean the eyeglasses frame totally. Then, using pliers to squeeze together any hinges that have spread out. If you want to replace the temples of the frame, you shall first try to remove the hinge pieces, and then insert and place the new temples. Then, tighten the screws in the frame. If you still don't know how to start, you'd have an optician repair your titanium glasses frames.