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Jackson raphael


Do 500 power lenses make your eyes small ?

I have strong prescription. My friends told me that my eyes are smaller than they were before. So I want to know whether 500 power lenses make my eyes small.
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  • casebell


    Dude, eyeglasses won't make your eyes small. Your eyes will become smaller if you often squint them. Squint the eyes can be a bad habit, but it often happens among people who have some vision problems.
  • Carlos rodney


    I have mild myopia. So I am also a current eyeglasses user. I only heard that our eyes will protrude after we wear eyeglasses for many years. My math teacher is a beauty. But she wears eyeglasses for more than ten years. She has high prescription as you do. I noticed that she often squint her eyes after she take off her eyeglasses. But her eyes are not small if she doesn't squint them.
  • Zachary


    Well, I am a current eyeglasses user. After taking off my eyeglasses I can't see things clearly, but I won't squint my eyes. I will keep my eyes open widely. So my eyes look bigger. You can have a try. Good luck!
  • hands_down360


    Your eyes won't become smaller after wearing 500 power lenses. If you still have doubts, you can try contacts. They won't make your eyes protrude as time passes and won't make your eyes smaller. But it is easy to get an eye infection if you don't pay attention to eye hygiene. Hope this helped!
  • Victor Lee


    Your eyes will be smaller if you don't open your eyes wide. Seriously, glasses won't make your eyes smaller. I think that if you are used to opening your eyes wide, you'll find that your eyes are always big.
  • Zoe Wang


    Actually, 500 power lenses will not make your eyes look small.
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