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How to prevent eyelashes from scratching your eyes?

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  • Ari


    My grandma has the same problem with you. Her eyelashes often grow inward and scratch her eyes. Sometimes she will ask me to pluck some of them. But I think it is a common problem as we age. We will get lose skin around our eyes which may lead to inward eyelashes.
  • walker03andrea


    Use some eye creams to tighten the skins around your eyes, which can prevent the skin around your eyes from getting loose. Or you can use eyelash curlers to trim your eyelashes, which can prevent your eyelashes from growing inward. Hope this helped!
  • Shelby


    If you mean you get an eyelash into your eyes, you can remove it immediately. I often wet a piece of clean cloth and then wipe my eyes from nose side to temple side. Just repeat this for several times, the eyelashes can be removed. You don't need to worry about this because many people get eyelashes into their eyes from time to time. The eyelashes will fall out sometimes which is a common phenomenon. This won't do great damage to your eyes but it can be really hurt.