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ivan negreros


Right eye was clear yesterday but now its blurry and hazzy.

its been about 4 days since my surgery, my right eye could see perfectly the day after surgery. Today though when i woke up my eyes were extremely dry, and my right eye was red from the inner corner, which it wasn't the days before. It also has a sharp small pain from the inner corner of it, which was also not present until this morning. The protective eye wear they gave me to wear at night move around a lot and sometimes fall on my eyes throughout the night. I honestly think its ironic since the protective goggles are suppose to protect me from hitting or touching my eyes, but they're the ones moving down on my eyes while i sleep and hurting them. Should i be worried that my right eye suddenly went blurry and hazy when it wasn't before and should i continue wearing the goggles even though they keep moving on my eyes while i sleep?
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  • Jeff N


    I suggest you to consult your attending physician immediately. He or she is responsible for explaining the conditions after surgery. I can only give some suggestions but I have to admit that the suggestions have some limitations because I don't exactly know what your situation goes after surgery. So your doctor can diagnose your problem and help solve them ASAP and won't delay the optimal treatment time. Maybe the goggles have caused some problems or maybe they are side effects of surgery. Doctors will have your eyes checked and find approperiate treatment. I suggest you to stop wearing goggles and see your doctor immediately.
  • Gabriel leonard


    You may need to have your eyes checked immediately. Doctors will tell you what the problems lie in. if your symptoms were caused by the protective eye wear, you may need to have your eye wear changed. I think the protective eye wear are not in good size so that they will keep moving on your eyes. But maybe you can't resist on touching your goggle when you are asleep. You know, sometimes we just want to give our eyes a good rubbing when they are itchy. So visit your doctor immediately.